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April 28, 2015

Hey y’all! I guess introductions are in order. I’m Sam. I’m from Georgia. I was born and raised there. I moved up to New York City (home of Carrie Bradshaw, Project Runway, Holden Caulfield… and now me — ok you get it). I had big eyes and big dreams, and then reality set in that, that epic apartment on Friends was totally a TV lie. And that dream kitchen that was in my mind was nowhere to be found.

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I loved food, but I hardly cooked for myself.  I became stuck in a Seamless rut. Why? Because my shared apartment had a tiny shared kitchen. Even though I was working at some amazing food companies, I was having trouble committing myself to cooking on a regular basis.

One day I went into a West Village favorite, Buvette, and sat at the bar for brunch. I noticed a petite girl behind the counter. Armed with an egg stand and a waffle maker, this girl was back and forth between the two countertops cooking every meal that went out that morning. Suddenly, I was so inspired. It was a life changing moment- I know that sounds ridiculous, but really it was!

Fast forward a year, and I’ve just moved into a new apartment complete with a 6 x 7 foot kitchen- I’ve moved up in the world by about 2 feet. My mission now is to take on cooking like that feisty chef at Buvette that inspired me to start cooking more than just frozen Trader Joe’s food.

This blog is my adventure through cooking. Do or die! I hope you enjoy and maybe try a couple recipes with me!

Just in case you wanted to get real personal – or maybe just the spark notes version of who I am, here it goes:

– You can call me Sam or SA-MAYN-TH-AAA if you’re trying to make it sound luxurious

– I’ve lived in NYC for about 8 years ago. I moved here from Georgia to attend Parsons the New School for Design – and I graduated with a BFA in Photo

– I’ve worked at a few magazines: Town & Country, Good Housekeeping (I tested kitchen appliances – it was the best job I’ve ever had), Food Network, LUCKY Mag, SELF Magazine, and Food & Wine Magazine.

– I love popcorn. I pull an Olivia Pope on the reg – popcorn dinner add on the red wine.

– favorite cocktail: French 75 because who doesn’t want to feel like a classy lady every night?

– I am Southern, and on many occasions I have stumbled into a diner late at night and requested they make me grits… normally people just look at me in confusion and ask what a grit is.

– While in college, I visited The Pink Teacup (when it was on 7th Ave) every morning just for their sweet tea. I couldn’t get it anywhere else. Sadly, The Pink Teacup has moved to Brooklyn… like most of my friends. UPDATE: I now make sweet tea for myself instead of paying $4 for it. The things you learn once you get old enough, see below for proof!

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