Muddled Strawberry Mojito Featuring My Favorite Rum, Diplomatico

June 26, 2016

Remember that time I had a blog and I made recipes and shared them with you? Yea I don’t either. Oh wait, yes that did happen! Seriously it’s been a minute… or like a month(s). Things happened, life got crazy, but now it’s time to get this thing poppin’ again. _MG_6731

Let’s talk about my favorite passed time, drinking. Duh! So what’s so great about this cocktail I’ve created? Well you get double the rum… double the fun!… and we’re throwing in some of my favorite summertime vibes, mint and strawberries. I have to tell you guys, Diplomatico rum is the bees knees. I mean the bottle is chic and the rum is top notch. Don’t waste your money on the shitty brands, just spend a little extra and get something that doesn’t burn. It’s worth it. Trust!



Ok let’s make a cocktail!




1 cup muddled strawberries

4-5 mint leaves

1 oz simple syrup

5 oz Diplomatico Rum

squeeze of lime

club soda



Muddle strawberries and mint in a tall glass. Combine simple syrup 3 oz rum, lime, and club soda. Float 2 oz rum. Garnish with mint and strawberries.


And just like that, you might be drunk! Cheers I hope so.

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