Mixed Heirloom Tomato and Potato Salad

September 13, 2016

Hey y’all! Summer is basically over, though you’d never know from the sticky temperatures hitting New York City. I’m trying to savor every last summer veg before I start a diet of brown foods and heavy cheeses. Just for the record I’m not opposed to brown foods and heavy cheeses, but might as well hit the rainbow foods hard while they are still around. 

What I love about this salad is that it’s not heavy on lettuce. I’m a firm believer that great salads don’t rely on lettuce. If you have great vegetables there’s no reason that you should ever need tons upon tons of lettuce. Instead of lettuce as a base, I used tomatoes. In addition to the tomatoes, add in potatoes, boiled baby onions, basil, and burrata. I finished this salad off with a super easy shallot vinaigrette.tomatopotatoburratasalad-diptych



1 lb purple potatoes

1 lb fingerling potatoes

3-4 large heirloom tomatoes

1/2 lb small heirloom tomatoes

3/4 lb pearl onions

10 oz burrata


pepper & maldon salt


2 tbsp balsamic vinegar

1 tsp sugar 2 small shallots, finely chopped

2 tbsp olive oil


  1. In a large pan, boil water and salt. Turn down heat to a simmer and add potatoes. Boil for about 20 minutes. Drain when finished cooking and set aside in cold water.
  2. In a large pan, boil water and salt. Turn down heat to a simmer and add your pearl onions. Boil for about 40 minutes. Drain and set aside.
  3. While onions and potatoes are cooking, make dressing. Combine balsamic vinegar, olive oil, sugar, and shallots. Whisk and set aside.
  4. Slice tomatoes. Combine tomatoes, potatoes, onions, and basil. Garnish with malden salt and pepper. Toss in dressing.


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