Mezcal Tequila Bloody Mary (Fat Tuesday Special)

    February 28, 2017

    Hello! I’m writing to you live from Mardi Gras. Checking off one more thing from my bucket list. We arrived late on Saturday night. The streets were bustling with energetic crowds of people with beverage in hand, beads across their necks, and possibly very interesting attire. It’s been only a few months since being in New Orleans, but New Orleans during Mardi Gras seems like a different city. The streets are even more packed with people, the trees strewn with beads, and Canal street has a distinct odor that reminds me of the NYC subways. It’s a different kind of magic I suppose, but I’m glad to be staying a few days after the festivities have ended. Mardi Gras is pure insanity, and I’m glad to be experiencing it. But I’m thinking it’s a one and done kind of situation.

    The one thing that has been giving me life in the mornings while in New Orleans during Mardi Gras is this classic spin on my favorite hair of the dog, the Bloody Mary. Every Bloody Mary is a bit different. Sometimes I feel like the Goldie Locks of the bar world. Always trying to find that drink that is just right. Yes, I’m a little hard to please I guess. I like my Bloody Mary’s a bit more pickley and a bit more spicy.

    This recipe is not your classic style Bloody Mary. Instead I take some inspiration from south of the border, by adding a smokey tequila, mezcal. I not only am giving you a mezcal twist so that you get a nice smokey flavor with your drink but I’m also adding gochujang. Why gochujang? One: why not? The gochujang gives the Bloody Mary a little extra edge. If you are not familiar with gochujang, you should get acquainted. This paste is one of those multi-purpose kinds of pantry items. It blends with everything. Gochujang is a bit sweet but spicier than a sauce like sriracha. It’s the perfect kick to your morning and is bringing the heat to this Bloody Mary

















    serves 1


    squeeze of lime + lime or lemon wedges

    2 oz Mezcal tequila

    4 oz tomato juice

    1-2 squirts gochujang sauce

    dash of ground pepper

    1 oz dill pickle juice

    1 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

    For Rim: smoked salt

    For Garnish: Jalapeño, lemon wedge, pickle, and olives


    1. Pour out smoked salt on to a plate. Rub juicy side of citrus wedge along the rim of your glasses. Roll rim in salt. Fill with ice and set in freezer.
    2. In a shaker, combine remaining ingredients. Shake.
    3. Pour into chilled glasses. Garnish with jalapeño, lemon wedge, and your choice of bite sized treats. Serve.



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